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United Kingdom Footfall Index

With the availability of detailed footfall data we also want to know the general national trend of footfall on retail high streets. Such national ’footfall index’ is not only important for the retail industry but also for various other purposes such as policy making, economic forecasting, etc.

Since the footfall has a weekly periodicity, a standardised index could be arrived from the average footfall at every location at every week. Although this is a simplistic measure, it does a good job in describing the changes in the retail footfall in the UK as a whole. The figure above shows the footfall index for the two years - 2017 and 2018. It can be observed that retail footfall in UK starts at its lowest in the beginning of the year and increases steadily until spring. The high footfall lasts through the summer months before going down steadily towards the end of the year.. This trend changes around the fall months and the footfall reaches the highest in the first two weeks of December and falls back to the lowest in the last two weeks.

The visualisation below shows the same aggregated to 2.5km grids to show the geographical distribution of the footfall index. The visualisation is best viewed on desktop screen and a full version is available here.