Welcome to CDRC Data

We are the Consumer Data Research Centre, the UK's leading source of consumer data, part of the ESRC's Big Data Programme. Datasets are organised by Topics and listed on this site. We offer data under three tiers: Open, Safeguarded and Secure. Access to data in the Safeguarded and Secure tier is through a reviewed application process. Further details can be found within the User Guide and Research Approval Guidelines, with an initial application form.

Our secure labs in London and Liverpool are now re-open, with Covid safe rules to allow users safe access to the labs. We will be in touch with lab users, do please contact us if you have any questions. We are also piloting a new type of Secure access to some of our data sets, using UCL's Data Safe Haven, an ISO 27001 accredited facility with 2 factor authentication.

Why we are asking you to register

The Consumer Data Research Centre CDRC was established in 2014 with funding from the UK Economic and Social Research Council. We ask users to register because it allows us to better understand the impact of our research. Aggregated figures and statistics on user types, volumes and activity are used for funding reporting to the UK Economic and Social Research Council.