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Bicycle Sharing System Docking Station Observations

The collection of bicycle sharing systems datasets are available for over 50 cities across the world. Each dataset comprises of:

Repeated observations of numbers of bicycles and empty spaces available at each of the docking stations that comprise the city's primary bicycle sharing system. The observations are collected from the system's data feed at generally 2 minute intervals. Some older data were collected at 10 minute intervals.

  • Summary observations of the numbers of bicycles reported as being available in the system, at generally the same frequency as the individual docking station observations.
  • Locations, operator IDs and names of former and current docking stations in the system.
  • A summary analysis and graph, showing how the numbers of bicycles available has varied with time, based on this data.

Notes: The data is supplied with UK (GMT or BST) timestamps. Researchers would need to convert this to local time, bearing in mind that the UK observes daylight savings time with different switchover dates than some other countries.

Data is available for the following collection of cities:

Amiens Barcelona Besançon Bordeaux
Boston Brisbane Brussels Budapest
Cergy-Pointoise Chicago Columbus Créteil
Dublin Gothenburg Guadalajara Kazan
Lille Lillestrøm Ljubljana London
Lund Luxembourg City Lyon Madrid
Marseille Melbourne Mexico City Minneapolis
Montréal Mulhouse Namur Nancy
Nantes New York City Paris Philadelphia
Rennes Rouen San Francisco Santander
Seattle Seville Tel Aviv Toronto
Toulouse Toyama Valencia Vienna
Vilnius Washington DC Zaragoza
University College London (UCL)

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