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Active Inspiration – Activity Data

Bounts is a free, innovative and popular lifestyle and fitness app (iOS and Android) which incentivises and challenges its members to be more active. Users can track steps in the app or connect it to a fitness tracker. Users can join challenges to unlock vouchers, sports goods, exclusive experiences and much more.

This dataset contains anonymised data at the user level.

User data

  • UserPseudonym
  • Gender
  • Postcode district
  • Year of birth

Activity data

  • UserPseudonym
  • Date & time
  • App source
  • Distance travelled
  • Activity type
  • Activity duration
  • Steps
  • MYZONE effort points
  • Average speed
University of Leeds

Data and Resources

Release Date
Homepage URL
Geographical Coverage Location
United Kingdom
Postcode District; Date
Active Inspiration
Contact Email
Additional Info: 

Temporal Scope

2016 - 2017

Minimum Temporal Unit


Data Extent

Apply for the data:

This dataset is managed by the University of Leeds and is available on a case by case basis, following consultation. Please contact the CDRC at stating which data set you are interested in if you wish to access these data.

Why we are asking you to register

The Consumer Data Research Centre CDRC was established in 2014 with funding from the UK Economic and Social Research Council.
We ask users to register because it allows us to better understand the impact of our research.
Aggregated figures and statistics on user types, volumes and activity are used for funding reporting to the UK Economic and Social Research Council.