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British Population Survey

The British Population Survey (BPS) is a face to face market research rolling survey taken monthly from 2008-2015. It includes 6000-8000 records a month covering demographics, economics, shopping preferences, durables, media and internet use.

Scale: Unit Postcode.

  • Family: Gender, Age Group, Numeric age, Lifestage, Ethnic Origin, Marital Status, Parent of children, Parental Status, Child Maintenance, Number in household, Presence of children in household, No. of children in household, Age of children in household
  • Geography: Country, Standard Region 4, Standard Region 11, Urban/Rural, Postcode Area, Unit Postcode.
  • Economics: Social Grade, Qualification level, Working status of respondent, household income, chief income earner (CIE), working status of CIE, Home tenure, main shopper, main supermarket, debit card/s, credit card/s.
  • Media: daily newspaper, Sunday newspaper, ITV station most watched.
  • Durables: no. of cars in household, TV, Satellite TV, Cable TV, Freeview, Freesat, Landline telephone, simple mobile phone, web mobile phone, video, DVD recorder, DVD player, personal computer, laptop PC, tablet PC, games console, MP3, DAB radio, DIG camera (ex phone).
  • Internet access: internet access – frequency, internet access – method, cable broadband, ADSL broadband, other broadband, non broadband, internet access – history.
  • Internet use: emails, info-requests, info-products, purchases – not groceries, grocery shopping, bank a/c & finances, job search, play games online, online gaming for money, download music, download movies, download/stream TV, online dating, VOIP, social networks/blogs, other.
  • Date: Year and month.
  • Survey: ID, Weight.

Selected metadata on variables and geographic coverage are included.

Variable Data Table Type Count # NA % NA # Categories
Gender 2015 Categorical 87028 0 0 2
Age_Band 2015 Categorical 87028 0 0 7
Lifestage 2015 Categorical 87028 0 0 5
Marital_Status 2015 Categorical 87028 0 0 8
Parental_Status 2015 Categorical 87028 0 0 9
Number_in_Household 2015 Categorical 87028 0 0 6
Chief_Income_Earner 2015 Categorical 87028 0 0 2
Social_Grade 2015 Categorical 87028 0 0 6
Working_Status 2015 Categorical 87028 0 0 12
HH_Income 2015 Categorical 87028 0 0 17
Household_Tenure 2015 Categorical 87028 0 0 6
Year_Month 2015 Categorical 87028 0 0 12
Year_Quater 2015 Categorical 87028 0 0 4
postcode 2015 Categorical 87028 907 1.04 39625
University College London (UCL)

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