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Local Data Company - Retail Type or Vacancy Classification

Retail unit aggregates at the Local Authority level per year:

Ethnicity Estimator software

Ethnicity Estimator is a software GUI which allows users to produce an estimated ethnicity distribution of a set of names supplied to it, based on

Synthetic Population

This synthetic population contains individual level data from England and Wales, generated from the 2011 census data.

Enhanced Synthetic Population

This dataset has been provided by University of Southampton.

Domestic Energy Provider - Aggregated data

The Domestic Energy Provider includes aggregated statistics at Postcode Sector level about estimates of energy consumption (from smart meter readin

Fast Food Restaurant Transaction Data (volume and values)

This is a dataset on sales by time and date from an established fast food restaurant held by the CDRC which has been supplied to the CDRC by Didobi

Family Restaurant Transaction Data (Dine in and Take Away)

This is a dataset on sales by time and date from an established family restaurant chain held by the CDRC which has been supplied by Didobi Ltd.

Youth Banking Card Provider - Aggregated data

The Youth Bank Card Provider - Aggregated data product includes aggregated statistics at Lower Layer Super Output Area (LSOA) about weekly transact

Cluttons Real Estate Indices

These indices record changes in sales and rental values for residential properties and commercial office spaces for the various London markets wher

Regional Transport Provider - Transport Infrastructure Data

This dataset contains information on the relevant transport infrastructure (mainly location) in order to infer origins and destinations of trips re